介绍:In due time the drums beat the retreat, and the ship's company scattered over the decks....



介绍:"'His bravery, whether in Indian fight or any other, was unquestionable. An officer in the ranging service during the war of 1812, he acquitted himself with more than credit. Of his soldierly character, this anecdote is told: Not long after Hull's dubious surrender at Detroit, Moredock with some of his rangers rode up at night to a log-house, there to rest till morning. The horses being attended to, supper over, and sleeping-places assigned [242] the troop, the host showed the colonel his best bed, not on the ground like the rest, but a bed that stood on legs. But out of delicacy, the guest declined to monopolize it, or, indeed, to occupy it at all; when, to increase the inducement, as the host thought, he was told that a general officer had once slept in that bed. "Who, pray?" asked the colonel. "General Hull." "Then you must not take offense," said the colonel, buttoning up his coat, "but, really, no coward's bed, for me, however comfortable." Accordingly he took up with valor's bed—a cold one on the ground.

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"But they are yours, and not mine, Harry," said I.【阅读全文】
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[The catalogue over, the deposition goes on]【阅读全文】
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"We don't dig gardens here," was the reply; "dig it out with your teeth!"【阅读全文】
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"I see, I see," with heightened interest, "something of moment you wish to confide. Now, what is it, Frank? Love affair?"【阅读全文】
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Standing over these noisome heaps, you will see scores of tattered wretches, armed with old rakes and picking-irons, turning over the dirt, and making as much of a rope-yarn as if it were a skein of silk. Their findings, nevertheless, are but small; for as it is one of the immemorial perquisites of the second mate of a merchant ship to collect, and sell on his own account, all the condemned "old junk" of the vessel to which he belongs, he generally takes good heed that in the buckets of rubbish carried ashore, there shall be as few rope-yarns as possible.【阅读全文】
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The other world beyond this, which was longed for by the devout before Columbus' time, was found in the New; and the deep-sea-lead, that first struck these soundings, brought up the soil of Earth's Paradise. Not a Paradise then, or now; but to be made so, at God's good pleasure, and in the fullness and mellowness of time. The seed is sown, and the harvest must come; and our children's children, on the world's jubilee morning, shall all go with their sickles to the reaping. Then shall the curse of Babel be revoked, a new Pentecost come, and the language they shall speak shall be the language of Britain. Frenchmen, and Danes, and Scots; and the dwellers on the shores of the Mediterranean, and in the regions round about; Italians, and Indians, and Moors; there shall appear unto them cloven tongues as of fire.【阅读全文】
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They were the most simple people I had ever seen. They seemed to have no adequate idea of distances; and to them, America must have seemed as a place just over a river. Every morning some of them came on deck, to see how much nearer we were: and one old man would stand for hours together, looking straight off from the bows, as if he expected to see New York city every minute, when, perhaps, we were yet two thousand miles distant, and steering, moreover, against a head wind.【阅读全文】
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This event, happening at the dead of night, had a wonderfully solemn and almost awful effect upon me. I would have given the whole world, and the sun and moon, and all the stars in heaven, if they had been mine, had I been safe back at Mr. Jones', or still better, in my home on the Hudson River. I thought it an ill-omened voyage, and railed at the folly which had sent me to sea, sore against the advice of my best friends, that is to say, my mother and sisters.【阅读全文】
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Concerning his coats, I reasoned with him; but with no effect. Thetruth was, I suppose, that a man of so small an income, could not affordto sport such a lustrous face and a lustrous coat at one and the sametime. As Nippers once observed, Turkey's money went chiefly for redink. One winter day I presented Turkey with a highly-respectablelooking coat of my own, a padded gray coat, of a most comfortablewarmth, and which buttoned straight up from the knee to the neck. Ithought Turkey would appreciate the favor, and abate his rashness andobstreperousness of afternoons. But no. I verily believe thatbuttoning himself up in so downy and blanket-like a coat had apernicious effect upon him; upon the same principle that too much oatsare bad for horses. In fact, precisely as a rash, restive horse is saidto feel his oats, so Turkey felt his coat. It made him insolent. Hewas a man whom prosperity harmed.【阅读全文】
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‘It is a purely private matter then?’【阅读全文】
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"I have myself been wondering at myself that these things should hitherto have so entirely absented themselves from my mind," responded Pierre;—"but truly, Isabel, thy all-abounding hair falls upon me with some spell which dismisses all ordinary considerations from me, and leaves me only sensible to the Nubian power in thine eyes. But go on, and tell me every thing and any thing. I desire to know all, Isabel, and yet, nothing which thou wilt not voluntarily disclose. I feel that already I know the pith of all; that already I feel toward thee to the very limit of all; and that, whatever remains for thee to tell me, can but corroborate and confirm. So go on, my dearest,—ay, my only sister."【阅读全文】
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Quicker and quicker I mounted; till at last I bounded up like a buoy, and my whole head was bathed in the blessed air.【阅读全文】
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"And now, Lucy, what shall be the terms? That is a very important point, thou knowest."【阅读全文】


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